A Guide to Instant Film Cameras

Instant film cameras have a built-in flash and a viewfinder like digital, and the pictures are instantly visible too. While everyone seems to have a digital camera as well as cameras on their phones, there are some who are bringing back instant film cameras. These vintage cameras were the foundation for the idea of having our pictures immediately available to us.

What Does it Mean?

Instant photography involves a camera that will produce an instant, physical representation of the image directly from the camera itself. It was made popular by the Polaroid and is often called a Polaroid picture. While Polaroid isn’t making instant film or instant cameras any longer, a few companies are still producing them.

Instant Film is Essential

Instant film comes in packs that are inserted into the camera itself. The chemicals and substrates needed to print photographs are in the film itself. As soon as the shutter is pressed, the film catches the negative and ejects from the camera. When the film hits the light, it starts the developing process. When purchasing packs of film, you’ll need to ensure that it’s usable in the camera that you purchased, or plan on purchasing.

Buying a Camera

When buying an instant film camera, you’ll have to decide if you want to find an old, vintage Polaroid that might not actually work, or a new instant film camera that will have a control panel. There are new instant cameras out there that have a bit more control than the point and shoot Polaroids of the past. You can control the close-up but not much can be done with the exposure. You’ll have limited customization when it comes to instant film.

Why Buy an Instant Film Camera?

People buy the cameras because it has a vintage look and feel that is appealing. There’s something magical about pressing the button and instantly seeing your photograph. Children will be delighted to have their pictures in their hands moments after they were taken, especially since they might have never seen that before. You’ll get that vintage, Instagram look directly from a source that’s authentic.

Instant film cameras are available from many sources depending on whether you want a used camera or a brand new one. Many companies have started making instant film cameras again as they make a come-back.