Benefits and Disadvantages of Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Point-and-shoot cameras are popular because they automatically adjust lighting and focus to give a photographer a good picture every time. All a photographer has to do is look through the camera and press the button! The following information looks at some benefits as well as the disadvantages of using this type of camera.

First, point-and-shoot cameras are easy to use. Both children and adults enjoy these cameras because of their convenience and ease of use. A photographer doesn’t have to learn about lighting, focusing or adjusting the camera’s lens. In short, point-and-shoot cameras are an ideal option for people who don’t want to bother with any sort of set-up process.

Next, these cameras are relatively inexpensive. They are available in camera stores as well as in grocery and department stores. They require very little maintenance and are known for their durability.

Point-and-shoot cameras help unskilled photographers capture good pictures. The camera makes all of the necessary adjustments to create a clear picture. All a photographer has to do is figure out what to photograph. The camera does the rest!

One disadvantage of using a point-and-shoot camera is that there is no opportunity to set the focus of the camera or to make any other intricate adjustments to get a certain type of photo. Some photographers enjoy making these adjustments and experimenting with what their cameras can do.

It’s difficult to teach a new photographer about levels of light and how to focus with a point-and-shoot camera. Because the camera does all of the work, there are very few learning opportunities for people who want to learn various techniques of photography.

Another disadvantage is that because a point-and-shoot camera is so easy to use, people tend to take photos indiscriminately. In many cases, people with point-and-shoot cameras don’t think about the angle of a picture or its subject. Consequently, they end up with a pile of miscellaneous photos.

Finally, before getting a camera a person should consider its purpose. Does the person want a camera that allows for experimentation with light and focus? Or, does an individual want an easy to use camera to take on vacations and have around the house to capture interesting pictures? Those questions can help people in their decision on a point-and-shoot camera purchase.