Pros and Cons of a Portable Power Bank

A power bank is a portable device that you can carry around when you do not want your phone or laptop to switch off when power drains. You can connect the power bank to the USB port of your phone to keep it charging while using. This is a device that is mostly preferred by people who like traveling and would want keep in touch with friends and happenings around the world through their mobile devices. As much as the device offers advantages, it may also come with several disadvantages as outlined below.


  • A good alternative for electricity. Very often, people living in places that are not well connected in terms infrastructure face power outages. This disconnects phone users from the rest of the world when their phones go off because of power. However, with the portable chargers, it is easy to keep your phone charged even when your region experiences power outages.
  • High powered. A portable charger is high powered, something that makes it easy to charge your phone within a short period of time. This is unlike when the phone is connected to a power source as it may take more time to get fully charged.
  • Easy to use with on USB port. The portable charger is easily connected to a USB port and can be charged on a laptop without many frustrations. The device is also compatible with all Smartphone models and does not impact on the software that makes up the phone.


  • Heavy and bulky. Portable chargers are heavy and uncomfortable to carry around for long periods of time. The user is forced to use something like a bag to keep the charger when moving from one place to another.
  • Short cords. This makes it difficult to use the phone while plugged in the charger. The phone gets disconnected very often when one tries to pull it for a better view. This can be annoying especially when there are important tasks you are executing.
  • High prices. For good portable chargers that can hold high voltage and can charge for long hours, one needs to spend more. Otherwise, you will be forced to buy ones that may not sustain your power needs for a whole day especially when traveling to remote areas.
  • Battery life. When a portable charger is frequently used on an already charged phone, it can damage the battery. A damaged battery will obviously have a low battery life.