How to Choose the Right Type of Radar Detector

Radar detectors are fairly simple devices, which is why the process of selecting the perfect one doesn’t need to be too complicated. While many radar detectors come with a number of bells and whistles and available features, there are basically only a few key features that you actually need to look for. Also, there are two main aspects you’ll need to also consider as well:

  • Type of radar
  • Mounting style

With regards to the mounting style, there are three fundamental kinds of radar detectors to choose from, which include remote-mounted, cordless, and corded. Each of these different kinds of radar detectors is ideally suited for a certain situation. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the different aspects about each one before you make a decision. It’s also important to understand the various aspects concerning different radar bands, primarily because they can greatly affect the general usefulness and effectiveness of your radar detector.

As far as other features are concerned, there are some key things to look for before you buy your detector.

  • Instant-on protection
  • Audible alerts
  • LIDAR detection
  • RDD protection
  • City mode toggle
  • Laser jammers

Selecting the Right Kind of Radar Detector

In order to choose the best kind of radar detector for your needs as well as the ideal mounting style, you’ll need to first consider how you intend to use the unit itself. If you have more than one vehicle and you want to regularly move your device from one vehicle to another, you’ll probably want to buy a cordless radar detector.

Also, if it doesn’t bother you that the whole world knows you have a radar detector in your vehicle, then you’re likely okay with a corded detector. Most corded detectors are usually designed to mount onto the auto’s windshield, which makes it very obvious that you’re indeed using one. Keep in mind that if it’s illegal in your particular area to mount something to the windshield of a vehicle, then you’ll obviously have to use a remote-mounted or wireless type of unit instead.

Remotely-mounted detectors are designed for a more out of the way, permanent installation. These types of units are harder to install than cordless or wireless radar detectors, but work great if you want to keep your unit out of sight and only desire to use it in just one primary vehicle.

Some people are worried about their radar detector being detected by law enforcement. If this is you, look for a detector that has an automatic shutdown feature if its senses an RDD system in the general vicinity.