Top GPS Mounts Every Vehicle Owner Needs

GPS (Global Positioning Technology) is a great way to navigate when you are traveling to new places. Most GPS devices were initially designed to aid the military to locate their position when on a mission. However, the technology has been extended to ordinary people, who can now mount their phones to read direction while driving, or the GPS device. However, to have easy time using the device, one needs a GPS mount, which acts as a holder. There are various types of automotive GPS holders and mounts you need to know about.

Suction Cup Mounts

Although suction mounts are illegal in 28 states, they are still the most preferred in the market. They are made up of a bracket that holds in position the GPS unit. The bracket is joined to a rubber suction cup that is attached to the windshield bracket holder. Although one may like to attach the cup on other surfaces in the car, it is not easy unless the car is made with a metal dashboard.

Console Mount

These are unique mounts that are very different from the suction cup mounts. They are permanent and car specific, so you may not find varieties that can fit on any car. The mount is installed on the area between the car radio and climate controls. It is a better design as it does not obstruct the drivers view.

Cup Holder Mount

Cup holder mounts are designed to fit in the car’s cup holder for most cars. The GPS unit is then attached on a long mounting arm, which places several inches above the cup holder to allow the driver to view the GPS unit easily. This type of holder requires the driver to take eyes off the road, so one needs to be vigilant while using this type of GPS mounts.

Air Vent Mount

Just like the name suggests, the mount is designed to fit in the vehicles air vent slots. The car must have horizontal louvers for one to use this mount easily. It is designed with a ball swivel, which allows the driver to easily adjust the holder.

Friction Mount

Friction mounts are made with a rubber pad that bars it from sliding when attached on the dashboard. One of the advantages of this mount is that it positions the GPS unit perfectly for easy visibility without taking eyes off the road. It also doesn’t block visibility for the driver.