Shop Smart: Don’t Get Blue Over Blu-Ray Players

As more and more movies come out in the Blu-Ray format, it is a good time to snag a player in order to take advantage of new technologies like 4K upscaling and video streaming. With the price of many Blu-Ray players coming in around $30 to $60, they are easy to afford.

3D Visuals

To get that 3D TV to produce some truly eye-popping visuals, a 3D-enabled Blu-Ray player is a great place to start. Since there is a dearth of 3D programming on the airwaves, Blu-Ray movies represent the simplest way to get the most out of that slick TV set. Always pair a TV with 3D capability with a good quality Blu-Ray player.

It Does Compute

Streaming content from online sites is a popular way to get entertainment without having to pay a cable bill. In order to do this, a device is needed that will link the computer to the TV. Instead of messing around with cords that may have to stretch a long way and go under carpet, behind furniture, etc., a Blu-Ray player with built in Wi-Fi ends cord frustration. All that is required is the Blu-Ray player, a Wi-Fi, router, and a computer.

Some players are pre-set to connect with some of the more popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. If these are the only sites desired, a computer may be unnecessary. A number of players go even further by offering basic browsing capabilities.


Many Blu-Ray players are also Bluetooth enabled, so building a home theater system can be done without a ton of cables. Just pair the player with Bluetooth speakers or headphones to get surround sound from almost any TV.

4K Upscaling

While some DVD players can upscale movies to HD, many Blu-Ray players have 4K upscaling that provide decidedly improved visuals. Like 3D content, 4K programming is scarce at best. 4K Blu-Ray discs are now available, but an “Ultra HD” compatible Blu-Ray player is required to achieve the full effect. These new players are significantly more expensive than ordinary models. However, even without an Ultra HD compatible player, the new discs will play on any Blu-Ray player.

As TVs continue to advance, Blu-Ray players are keeping up and are the best video playback devices available. To fully experience the features of the latest TVs, a Blu-Ray player is essential.