Enhance Movie Nights with Home Theater Speakers

Taking a family to the movies can be quite expensive. By the time you pay for parking, buy tickets, and buy popcorn and drinks for yourself and the children, you have easily spent close to $100. The good news is that you can enjoy the theater experience from the comfort of your own home if you purchase a few items for your home theater room.

The first thing you will need is a wall-mountable television. The bigger the screen the better it is for watching movies at home. Whether you get a plasma, LCD or LED television depends on the temperature of the room and the amount of money you want to spend. Most televisions produce a good-quality picture when you are watching a Blu-ray disc.

A television is not enough, though, to replace a night at the movies. You will need speakers. There is more than one option in home theater speakers. Surround sound speakers are sold in sets. By strategically placing the speakers around your home theater room, you can hear your movie as if you were in a theater.

Another option is soundbar speakers. Soundbar speakers are a single piece of hardware that can be placed near your television. The soundbar includes a subwoofer and can deliver the same sound experience you will find with a set of surround sound speakers. If you don’t have a lot of shelving to place multiple speakers around your home theater room, a soundbar is a good choice. The slim design takes up very little space and most models can be mounted on the wall.

With your television and speakers in place, seating is your next consideration. Home theater seats should be comfortable and cozy. Whether you furnish your home theater room with a large sofa or individual chairs depends on the preferences of your family. Either will work well for movie viewing. If you will be serving popcorn or other snacks on your movie nights, be sure to use furniture that is easily cleaned. Carpeting can be easily stained during an action-packed feature. Dark-colored or stain-resistant carpets are best for home theater rooms, especially where thrilling movies will be viewed.