Televisions to Look for with Black Friday Deals

With Thanksgiving coming up, Black Friday TV deals are just around the corner. Some of the deals that will be offered will seem fantastic, but more often, it will be difficult to determine what exactly you want in a television. There are many possibilities, and you should decide ahead of time which particular television you want.

You may want to narrow your choice to a particular brand, but the first thing you need to do is decide on the type of television you want. There are several choices that include both the size and type of display technology. Flat panel TVs can be found with a liquid crystal display and cold cathode fluorescent lights for back lighting, plasma display technology and LCD with LED back lighting technology. Plasma technology has been the cutting edge in performance with the LCD being cheaper. However, the quality of the flat screen LCD TV with LED back lighting technology has caught up with plasma television and passed it by. This is, however, the most expensive of the three technologies.

Starting with the LCD flat screen, you will next need to decide on screen size. This is directly related to the cost, so if this is your first flat screen TV, it will be best to buy an entry-level television in the low end of the price spectrum. This will mean a 32-inch television. Most people will have plenty of enjoyment with a screen this size. In fact, most people really have no need for anything larger.

With 32-inch televisions, you should focus on Samsung. They have a good reputation for low cost, dependable televisions in this size of flat screen. Samsung Black Friday TV deals are numerous, and you will not have any trouble finding something you like. If you want a high-end 32-inch television, then look at the Samsung 32-inch HDTV 1080p. This is an outstanding choice, but only if you are looking for the best in technology.

LED HDTV deals can be found on Black Friday as well as the lower cost LCD televisions. The main difference is the display. If you find the lower cost LCD television to fit your needs, you can save a lot of money. There are going to be very good deals on the LCD with LED technology too, so keep an eye out for them as well.

When looking at advertisements for televisions, you will see the letters HDTV. These letters stand for High Definition Television and this is simply the latest high quality digital technology that television signals are transmitted with. Black Friday HDTV televisions are not a separate technology. All high-quality televisions have this capability.