Best Budget Laptops

Older model laptops that still retain much of their value and usefulness and devices like Chromebooks and hybrid systems that offer a more narrow range of features and performance options can provide a more cost-effective solution for those who are interested in finding a more affordable laptop. Concentrating on the key features you need such as battery life, available memory and display size and ignoring others that may not be required can help to ensure you are able to find a system or option better suited to both your needs and your budget.

Netbooks and Chromebooks

Unlike full-featured laptops, netbooks utilize cloud services in order to provide basic applications like word processing and multimedia support as well as the means to browse the Internet while on the go. Lacking many of the most common conventional components and system features of more expensive laptops, netbooks and similar devices are a popular alternative for those who are seeking an affordable system that will provide online access, browsing and the support and services of just a few core applications. Spending money on a conventional laptop that may provide a level of performance or features you may not require could be a costly misstep.

Older Systems

High-end systems can quickly lose their value when newer and more advanced technology hits the market. Purchasing an older model laptop can allow you to stretch your money much further than you might have expected and still provide you with a system that is able to meet most of your basic needs. For mobile gaming and high-end software applications, an older system may be a far more effective alternative to a netbook or a low-performance system designed solely for optimized battery life or the greater durability needed to withstand tough environments.

Low-Performance Systems

Top of the line performance options and features may not always be required and workhorse laptops that need to handle only the most basic functions can often be found for a fraction of the cost needed to purchase a high-performance option. Professionals who need a field computer, those interested in investing in a backup system and businesses that may require cost-effective equipment options for their workplace and staff may all find a low-performance laptop to be an ideal solution. The lower total costs associated with such systems can provide a greater value or the means for businesses and other organizations to make bulk equipment purchases without placing further strain on their budget.