Are Netbooks Still Relevant?

Many people remember the netbook craze. Because of technological advances, the footprint of traditional laptops and notebooks was reduced considerably by small, lightweight devices that were capable of performing much of what standard laptops can perform. With the release of tablet devices, however, many people turned away from netbooks, and some have declared the netbook to be dead. This view, however, may be exaggerated and some may still find netbooks to be a viable choice when looking for a mobile device. Here some of the advantages of choosing a netbook over other mobile computing platforms.

Most people use their laptops or notebooks for performing fairly basic tasks. It does not take a powerful computer to access the Internet, and email can be accessed on computers more than 30 years old. In addition, dedicated chips make it possible to play videos on these devices without difficulty. While a small percentage of users will need the power provided by traditional laptops and notebooks, most people find netbooks to be more than sufficient for their mobile computing needs. The small sizes of these devices make them a reasonable choice for those who are looking for a new mobile computer.

Netbooks, however, are not as small as tablets, and many people have chosen to carry tablets with them instead of traditional mobile computers. While these devices are capable of performing a number of tasks, they simply lack the power and capability of notebooks. Those who need to write documents will find that netbook keyboards are far more convenient than tablet keyboards, and having a dedicated cursor can make a number of tasks far simpler. Anyone who uses a computer for creating documents and files will find tablets to be insufficient; those who use their mobile computing devices simply for consuming, however, may be satisfied with tablet performance.

It is always difficult to predict the future of computing, but many see a bright future for netbooks. While tablets and smartphones are certainly not just a fad, many who buy these devices find them to be insufficient for a number of computing tasks. While netbook sales have been down in recent years, it is not unreasonable to predict that they will see resurgence in the future. Before purchasing a laptop or tablet, it is strongly advisable to look at netbook offerings and determine if they are the right choice.