Are Refurbished Laptops Worth Considering?

When finances leave something to be desired, there isn’t always enough money to cover the cost of a new laptop. When this is the case, there are two options to consider. One approach is to invest in a used laptop that has the memory and features that you find useful. Another possibility is to buy a refurbished laptop that provides you with more benefits than are usually found with the used counterparts.

What Refurbished Means

Consumers are sometimes confused when they see products that are sold as refurbished models. Many believe this means that the products are used but have been repaired and are considered to be good as new. While this is certainly part of what is meant by refurbished, the fact is that the product in question has gone through something more rigorous than a simple repair procedure.

A refurbished laptop has not merely been repaired. The device has been restored to factory standards. Before it is released for sale, the laptop is put through the same tests that apply to newly manufactured devices. Unless the test results indicate that the system is up to the standards used for new equipment, it will not be offered for sale.

What Do I Get for My Money?

Consumers will readily note that refurbished laptops are more expensive than used devices. This is due to the fact that the customer gets more value for his or her money. That value is found in the quality of the equipment and the limited warranty plan that comes along with the purchase.

Unlike used systems that are sold “as is,” refurbished devices are offered with warranties that offer at least some of the protections found in the warranties offered with new devices. While the details will vary from one situation to the next, the buyer is usually entitled to some amount of protection on the key components within the laptop. For example, if the hard drive should fail three months after the purchase, the seller will replace it free of charge.

There are sellers who also offer extended warranties on refurbished desktop and laptop computers. While the provisions are not as robust as the benefits offered for new systems, they do tend to cover the most likely forms of failure. A customer can compare the provisions found in the basic warranty that comes with the product and decide if an extended warranty is worth the expense.