Points to Consider When Purchasing a Touch Laptop

The price and popularity of touch laptops have made them a staple in most stores and websites today. The reality is that touch laptops are not for everyone. They have both good and bad features. There are several points to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a touch laptop.

Navigating Screens or Webpages is Simple and Fun

A major advantage of touch laptops is that navigating screens and webpages is very simple, intuitive and fun. You can slide your finger across the screen to scroll instead of having to click and drag narrow sliders. You just tap icons and buttons. This gives your entire experience when using the laptop and the Internet much more intuitive and comfortable.

Shorter Battery Life

The battery life of a touch laptop is shorter than systems without a touchscreen. One of the main reasons for this is that the digitizer must always be active. This extra component reads touches on the screen and is not present in traditional laptops. You could have problems if you need to use a touch laptop for many hours without a charger.

You Can Draw and Use Handwriting with a Touchscreen

Touch laptops give you the ability to draw and use handwriting naturally. You can use your finger or a stylus to draw directly on the screen in a paint program. There are applications that will allow you to write on the screen with a stylus and then translate that into digital text. This is easier than using a keyboard and mouse for some people.

Minor Damage Could Break the Touchscreen

A constant problem to consider is that even minor screen damage could break the touch features of the laptop. This means you have to be exceptionally careful. An added issue is that the digitizer inside could eventually malfunction or break making it impossible to use the touchscreen.

New Operating Systems are Designed for Touchscreens

The newest operating systems today are being specifically created for touch laptops and devices. The design of these operating systems is far easier to use if you have a touchscreen. This trend is not likely to change and using a touch-oriented operating system with a traditional mouse can be difficult or confusing.


A final consideration should be cost. The reality is that the price of touch laptops is higher than conventional systems. The gap between the two technologies is closing although you are still going to be paying more if you want a touchscreen.