Should I Buy an Android Tablet?

While tablet devices have been around for years, it was the introduction of the iPad that revolutionized how tablets were defined. In the past, most tablets were simply laptops with touch screens. The interfaces on these devices made them difficult to handle by touch or with a stylus and their operating systems were not optimized for mobile use. In addition, these devices relied on traditional laptop chips, which consume a considerable amount of energy. By using an operating system designed for mobile use, and using more efficient hardware, Apple managed to create a device that could be used in a more efficient manner than tablets of the past.

Google, however, took note, and Android tablets have been on the market for years. Recently, Google has focused on tablets, and their current offerings are, in the eyes of most experts, comparable if not better than Apple’s designs. Here are some of the advantages of going with an Android tablet instead of an iPad.

First, those who use Android tablets will have several devices to choose from. Google’s Nexus line, manufactured by several companies, is considered to be one of the best tablet lines on the market. Samsung has also created a number of notable devices that have sold well. Further, ASUS has earned a strong reputation in recent years, and many consumers are choosing their devices. Users can also choose tablets that have been designed primarily as e-readers. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have released Android-based e-readers that are also capable of running many Android apps.

Those who choose Android devices will also have more variety in terms of size and features. Steve Jobs was notoriously insistent that the size of the iPad was the ideal size for a tablet device, and he refused to diversify the iPad line. While Apple fans can now choose the iPad mini, it was Android devices that pioneered the 7-inch tablet size. Many users have found smaller devices to be more mobile while still remaining large enough to be used for watching videos.

While some reviewers have complained about the Android tablet ecosystem, most users find these complaints to be off base. Further, those who use an Androidsmart phone will find a familiar experience when using an Android tablet. For some, the main benefit of using an Android tablet will be the price; comparable devices often sell for considerably less than Apple devices.